Project Snapshot : Other Cities

What will the future of cities look like, not the buildings and the streets, but the way we live in them? Whittled down from over 100 stories of our imagined far-futures the project presents three of the most compelling narratives. Grouped under the term of Other Cities the project imagines how we will live in a world governed
by data and our access to it; in a world where antibiotics no longer work and where nuclear wastelands reaching their half-life are treated as nature reserves. Through stories, artifacts, and pictures, we can begin to touch and imagine what these futures, some inevitable others less so, might feel like.

Team : ´┐╝Ayaz Basrai, Ben Barker, Ben Eaton, Cassie Robinson, Carlo Zapponi, Dan Watson, Patrick Stevenson-Keating, Sara Anand

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Quicksand 2014

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