Ben Barker

Co-founder: PAN Studio

Ben Barker is a designer and co-founder of PAN Studio, producing interactive objects for installations and immersive theatre, and creating experimental objects designed to find new ways of enriching everyday living. Pan were designers of Hello Lamp Post, a city wide platform for play.

Tabula Rasa: Notes from Halfway

What makes a city? Last week I wrote about the blank slate city, Le Corbusier, his influence on Ballard and the new city structure that emerged around Heathrow. Ahmedabad was something of a playground for Le Corbusier, he did some of his most experimental work here. DNA India points out some of his best known

Starting From Scratch

As I write this we’ve taxied to the far side of Heathrow. Through the window are a beige 7 storey car park, an angular carrier plane and 2 cars on a road just beyond the footprint of the airport. We’re waiting for clearance on an Air India flight first to Mumbai, then on to Ahmedabad.