Claire Mookerjee

Project Manager : Future Cities Catapult

Claire Mookerjee is a designer and urbanist with expertise in innovative people-focused city design solutions. Currently managing a collaboration with Microsoft and Guide Dogs for Future Cities Catapult, London which seeks to develop research and prototypes addressing possible new modes of navigation in cities. Previously she has worked as a Design Research at Gehl Architects in Copenhagen working on public realm strategies across the world and also as an independent consultant on a number of large scale developments in London for both developers and city councils. She worked at LSE Cities on UNEP’s Green Economy Report and supported Design for London with their Outer London Fund work. In 2007 she founded a London gallery which showed the work of architects, artists and urbanists. She has an MSc in City Design and Sociology from the London School of Economics and undergraduate degrees from the Chelsea School of Art and Design and Central St Martins, London.

Facing diverse challenges for Cities

Urban Ingenuity is needed in UK and Indian Cities for a successful shared urban future I’m thrilled to be joining the UnBox Labs cohort this year at the Future Cities themed Lab. Future Cities, a somewhat new addition to the urban innovation institutional landscape is a consolidating feature of the far-reaching urban scene. It coalesces

People Oriented Mobility

In assessments of mobility futures, human behaviour, people’s preferences, local culture and other types of “software” can vary widely, making performance difficult to predict. As a result, many design professionals and the local authorities or companies that employ them typically shift their attention to “hardware” such as technology and infrastructure, which they can control and