Claire McAndrew

Research Associate, The Bartlett

Claire is a Chartered Psychologist / Research Associate interested in the possibilities of design and digital technologies to facilitate connections between people through urban space for transformative effect. Her research includes: human wellbeing; security and resilience; and future workplaces as they extend beyond buildings into the fabric of the city.

3 x 4 exploring metaspace platforms for inclusive future cities

In megacities such as Delhi and Mumbai – and within one of the fastest growing cities within the world, Ahmedabad – more than 50% of the population live in informal urban settlements. 3×4 metres is the plot size seen to be provided in resettlement colonies, a government initiative which relocates people within informal inner-city settlements

The Future is Fiction

The India Report (Eames, 1958) – a precursor to the establishment of the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad – called for “a problem-solving design consciousness” and re-examination of the “alternatives of growth available to the country.” Over forty years later, UnBox LABS invites the same guiding principles as we explore ideas and design responses