Dilys Williams

Director, Centre for Sustainable Fashion

Dilys Williams is a fashion designer, collaborator and creator of Centre for Sustainable Fashion. She engages translational leadership to devise and align emergent ideas towards sustainability through fashion’s artistic and business practices. Manifestations of her work are applied to design, academic research, education, government, and industry interactions.

Speed, scale, connection

Amidst the incredible plethora of sights, sounds and textures of today, some emerging notions of the future city come to mind.These resonate with some of the dimensions that sustainability thinking brings to the fore. Speed and scale were witnessed today as key dimensions in our changing world as we were introduced to the workroom of

Circling the Square

The skills that we need for the future include adaptability, the ability to navigate a changing map and the agility to seize and run with opportunity. Well, if the last 36 hours are anything to go by, then UNBOX certainly knows how to flex the muscles from which those skills are honed. Within two days