Lorraine Gamman

Director, Design Against Crime

Gamman is Professor of Design at Central Saint Martins (CSM), part of the University of the Arts London (UAL). She founded the award winning Design Against Crime Research centre in 1999, has delivered numerous design research publications as well as curated international exhibitions & catalysed a number of DAC products.

REFERENCES FOR: Call to Action – Why D School For Prison?

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Safety and toilets…

Safety and Toilets – See Guardian Review; Amartya Sen is enlightening:  “Half of all Indians have no toilet. In Delhi when you build a new condominium there are lots of planning requirements but none relating to the servants having toilets. It’s a combination of class, caste and gender discrimination. It’s absolutely shocking. Poor people have

Safety and the future city…

Smart, Safe and Future City themes often avoid uneasy discussion around violence, particularly against women.  I notice in the light of all the media attention (some argue moral panic) and more substantial evidence of rising rape reports throughout India last year, that the  Indian Tourist board created a campaign called: ‘I respect women’.  It is