Michael Edwards

Music Technology, University of Edinburgh

Michael Edwards is a composer, performer, and software developer. He is the author of the "slippery chicken" algorithmic composition package. His compositional interests lie mainly in the development of structures for hybrid electro-instrumental pieces through the integration of algorithmically produced scored materials with similarly generated computer-processed sound.

Quiet Polease

Our project is progressing nicely, we think. The mock-up of the sound-proof-pod-on-a-cart is done; some of you might have seen it on the lawn today. We’re planning a huge tea-cosy of mattresses to envelope it in sound-absorbing snugness. The first version of my sound installation is linked aboveĀ for your listening pleasure. It begins with a

Noise and the Future City

I’m posting on the run here so please excuse my brevity. I’m looking forward to meeting you all soon in Ahmedabad. If you’ve looked at my profile, you might wonder what a musician/composer/software developer is doing on this project. As I’m sure you’re all aware, acoustic consultancy plays a significant role in the development of