Tom Corby

CREAM, University of Westminster

Tom is an artist, writer and academic interested in exploring relationships between natural environments, data and social phenomena. Exhibitions include the Institute of Contemporary Arts; Victoria and Albert Museum; ZKM; Tate Online; the Madrid Art Fair Arco 2001; Intercommunication Center Tokyo (ICC) and numerous other festivals and galleries.

A proposal: Gossip is data 2

Brain dump 2.0 Thematics around data, the social and the city Please feel free to take up, suggest different approaches, steal, mutate, cut-up or otherwise utilise. 1. We have new ways of accounting for and representing our lives, feelings, beliefs and activities. New ways of making public issues of concern and importance. 2. Many methods

A Proposal: Gossip is Data

A proposal: gossip is data This connects to Louise’s post from yesterday about working with the grain of Amdavads informalities and some of my earlier thoughts about how current data practices elide aspects of the social in urban contexts and the stories people tell to make sense of their lives. Today we discussed how to

Unbox day 3: Holding human systems lightly

Neelkanth Chhaya introduced us to a history of Amdavad that combined the production of indigo, a hare and a fox, and an undulating geology of black, yellow and white soil pierced by the Sabarmati river. Spatially the city is highly decentralised split into different locales each with their own centre, grown from an original network of

Dark Data

In an era when public issues of concern are increasingly framed, mirrored and played out as social exchanges and circulations of data, discourses around big data promise fundamental changes in our ability to represent and understand human behaviour. Analysis of digital archives generated from user interactions with Blogs, Wikipedia. Flickr, Twitter etc. (termed ‘big social