UnBox Labs

UnBox LABS Projects continue

Seven projects that started at the UnBox LABS have received follow-on funding from the AHRC and the British Council. The teams will continue to further evolve their projects in the coming months and some of them will be at the UnBox Festival in December 2014 to showcase their work and further build on their ideas.

Future thinking

The national institute for design is in Ahmedabad, a city in the Gujarat region of India. As cities go, on the surface it isn’t particularly remarkable. This isn’t a particularly unfair assessment; it rarely sees any tourists and doesn’t have many monuments like some of the country’s other great cities. But it is my first

The Many Future Cities

Photo Credit: Ben Barker The future has a lot in store for cities. Before the end of the century planners and architects will have seen some weird briefs land on their desks as we make settlements on the moon, in digital space and roaming settlements that graze the landscape for resources. Imagine the cities built

Project Snapshot : The Live Memory Project

Our cities are growing exponentially, and increasingly, aspects of connection to a sense of community within our local environments might be getting hidden or lost. Whilst there is significant diversity within a city, we need newer, more mindful ways to honour and engage with our cities and our communities. In order to build these deeper

Project Snapshot : Seen Unseen

Seen Unseen explores some of the complexities of the future city. An arts / science hybrid, it investigates both the tangible and intangible value – social, economic, cultural and environmental, that biodiversity brings to a city, such as Ahmedabad, in the now, near and far future.  Team : Kavita Singh Kale, Melissa Sterry

Project Snapshot : 3×4

3×4 is the unit of space provided in some resettlement colonies in Delhi. This project explores the qualities and values that are built through self-organised communities that are lost in the process of resettlement. Using these dimensions as an interface to connect fractured communities, the project aims to explore new hybrids of digital space and

Project Snapshot : Crime in the Future City

With increasingly urban populations, changing migration patterns, political and economic instability, weak government, and a growing youth population, crime will continue to be an issue in future cities in India and beyond. Many cities get the crime they deserve and so it is important to make interventions that can make a difference. Inspired by campaign