UnBox Labs

Project Snapshot : Other Cities

What will the future of cities look like, not the buildings and the streets, but the way we live in them? Whittled down from over 100 stories of our imagined far-futures the project presents three of the most compelling narratives. Grouped under the term of Other Cities the project imagines how we will live in

Project Snapshot : Quiet Polease

“When, as today, environmental sounds reaches such proportions that human vocal sounds are masked or overwhelmed, we have produced an inhuman environment.” – R. Murray Schafer The project tries to raise awareness of the effects of noise pollution on people’s health and sense of well-being. Peace and quiet are essential to rest and recuperation. City

The UnBox LABS 2014 Partners

UnBox LABS 2014 is co-developed, produced and supported by: Quicksand is a multi-disciplinary design research & innovation consultancy based in Delhi & Bangalore. They are one of the founding partners of the UnBox Festival, along with Codesign & BLOT. UnBox brings together practitioners, thought leaders, artists and makers in an annual celebration of interdisciplinary thought &

Cities on the Move

Jon’s post on the culture of ‘making’ in Indian cities, got me thinking about a project that we did years ago with John Thackara, who has been a mentor and friend to UnBox from the start. In the Velowala project that we did for the Biennial of International Design at Saint Etienne, we documented velo-commerce and explored